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Going to work as a doctor or nurse in Australia – Notary requirements

Notaries frequently assists doctors, nurses and general medical staff with the forms required by the Australian medical authorities.

Documents to be notarised include: –


•Passport photos

•Birth certificate

•Statutory declaration

•Nursing licence

•AMC form

•GMC certificate

•Medical degree certificates

The Notary will need to see all the original documents and photocopies of each. It is generally recommended that 3 copies of each document are required (1 each for AMC, AHPRA and the applicant’s hospital).

The notary public will usually require proof from a university that degree certificates were genuinely awarded, likewise with your FY1/FY2 certificates. They are able to phone up the GMC and get instant confirmation of registration.

A document to be certified for use in Australia usually requires the Notary Public to confirm that the document is certified as a true copy of the original as seen/sighted by the Notary.

Other documents may require a statement by the Notary Public that the applicant  has appeared before the Notary, has been identified by the Notary, and has signed the document in the presence of the Notary.