Making an Appointment for Notary Public Work

Making an Appointment – Important Considerations

It is advisable to make a notary appointment in advance, and these can normally be provided at short notice. Please email Marty Burn at to book an appointment.

Appointments for Notary Public work will generally take place in the firm’s Oxford office but Marty Burn can arrange to meet you at your office or home if necessary, although this will increase the cost of providing the notary service.

Preparing for the notary appointment usually we will:

  • Expect you to make an appointment.
  • Need you to bring good evidence of identity. Generally this will have to be a current valid passport and something like a council tax or electricity bill to confirm your address.
  • Need to be satisfied that you understand any document particularly a document which is not in English.
  • Want to see any relevant papers or documents that relate to the matter.

It is often helpful if you can e-mail or fax a copy of your document to us before your appointment to:

How long will it take?

If the document is straightforward, already prepared and in the correct form the notary is likely to need to see you for a minimum of 15 minutes. It will take longer if the document is not straightforward, or if we have to draw up the document or make a proper copy.

If legalisation by apostille or consul is required it will usually take several days unless the documents are taken to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or Embassy in person. The fees and procedures for this vary but we will be able to give you a reasonably accurate idea of the time and cost.


The notary public is usually available only during office hours. Nevertheless it may be possible, where the document is urgent, to make arrangements to see you in the evening or at the weekend.

We act for clients with businesses based in Oxford and the surrounding area to include Abingdon, Thame, Bicester and Witney.


Our minimum fee for notary services is usually £80. This will cover the cost of many routine appointments, involving the notarisation of one document by one individual. We usually charge an extra £10 for each extra document and each extra signatory to the document.

If an appointment takes longer than 20 minutes the notary fee will be calculated at the hourly charging rate of £200 and facts such as complexity, speed and value will also be taken into account. Expenses and disbursements will be charged in addition to the fee to cover legalisation costs for example.


The Notary Public has a formal complaints procedure in the event you are dissatisfied with the service. An explanation of how to make such a complaint is set out in the registration form, which can be downloaded here.


The Notary Public carry insurance of £2,000,000.00 under his professional Indemnity Policy.