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Going to work as a doctor or nurse in Australia – Notary requirements

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Notaries frequently assists doctors, nurses and general medical staff with the forms required by the Australian medical authorities. Documents to b

Can a Notary Public Certify an unattested signature?

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It is permissible for a notary public to certify the fact that the signature on a document is that of the signatory known to him provided that the not

The role of the Notary Public in International Adoption

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Once a local authority or adoption agency had issued its Certificate of Eligibility to Adopt all the relevant papers are submitted to the Internationa

Notary Work

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Marty Burn, Notary Public Oxford will be out of the office between Tuesday 10th April 2012 and Thursday 12th April 2012. If Notary services are requir

Degree Certificates

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To certify the genuineness of a degree certificate a Notary will usually need to check with the relevant University records office. The process of che