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2016 Notary of the Year

Different people have different philosophies in life. There are those who live to fight for others. Such people do everything they can for others, which is a trait growing increasingly rare in modern society. The 2016 Notary of the Year, Elissa Davey, is one of these exemplary personalities. She has lived to speak for the voiceless. She has gone the extra mile for her clients, when most could or would have done the minimum. She has most certainly earnt this prestigious award.

Formerly a realtor, Elissa did everything to provide complete services to her clients in the real estate. She was always there for them whenever they needed something notarized, and believed in doing the ‘little’ things that can really change people’s lives. As both a Notary and philanthropist, Elissa would walk away knowing that she had done her best for them every time.

In 1999, the Notary was lauded for her Garden of Innocence: a dignified resting place for unidentified and abandoned children. This was inspired by the touching piece on a baby found abandoned in a dustbin in San Diego. She is particularly recognised for her positivity in tragic situations. She always champions and protects any signer, namely vulnerable elderly signers and those coerced into signing or claiming abandoned infants.

Signer Protection

Elissa approaches every notarization with a keen commitment to protect the signer. She does not do a lot of notarizations though. She has grown with the value of showing integrity, fairness, and honesty while helping others.

In her notarizations, Elissa focuses on hospital patients and the elderly signers. She is committed to protecting them from abuse and fraud; especially from dishonest family members. She is careful with who she engages with.

As a Notary, she is always shielding her clients from those who are out to take what is not theirs. She usually asks the family members to leave the room during signings. This is in her effort to create a safe space for the signer. Her notarizations are always backed by free will. In cases where some details are amiss, Elissa has no compunction to walk away from a notarization appointment. Her main job is to protect those signing from external pressures into going through with the paperwork.

Elissa understands the state laws as well as her boundaries. She does not provide any advice to those signing: in case signers have a query, she always recommends that they seek clarification elsewhere.

Working with Dignity

As a Notary, Davey has lived her true calling thanks to the Garden of Innocence. From her first encounter, the charity has provided over 300 burials for babies. There are several gardens throughout California and one in Missouri. The first service was held in San Diego, CA.

Volunteers from all walks of life donate to her cause. She accepts caskets from across the country. Her efforts bring the attention of the public to the abandoned children. As part of the Garden’s extended mission, mothers who lost their children through miscarriages or otherwise get help too. The garden is there to help them grieve with dignity.

During funeral services of one of the abandoned children, a poem is read, and the mothers are invited to the service. They also get a chance to name the child after a loved one. This is a platform to allow them deal with the pain and get closure.

Elissa plans to set up more gardens in California and eventually in every state. Various Notaries offered to help her during the NNA 2016 Conference. Her announcement as the 2016 Notary of the Year was a great achievement.